Things to do before I turn 1- baby J’s list

30 Jan

Baby J has learned so many new things in the past month.  I am finding it hard to keep up with!  I looked at his baby book and I noticed I didn’t write very much down for the new things he learned for his 10 months. But for his 11 months I can barely fit it all on the lines, and I am writing super small to fit it all in!  At this rate I think I will have to write super small for his 12 months as well!  Here is what he has learned in the past month:

He started walking a couple of days before Christmas but now he is a pro at it and can walk super fast and turn around and pretty much do anything you or I can do.  He still can’t go from sitting to standing on his own.  I know it will happen any day because he is working on it.

He can now pick something off the floor without sitting down to get it.  He can reach down without falling over!

He is willingly putting food in his mouth.  Something we have worked on for quite a while.  So to add to this comes the transition of he doesn’t want ME to put food in his mouth anymore because he wants to do it.  Really, so baby food pureé is really starting to become a thing of the past.

He can drink out of a sippy cup! And he is learning to drink out of a straw, although he doesn’t quite get it on his own.  We still have to help him.

He points at everything, and I think it’s super cute.

He can kind of wave bye-bye.  He doesn’t really wave but he lifts his hand up.

He says mama now but it sounds like “nana”. I finally figured this out so there is really no telling when he actually started saying mama (nana) and meaning me.

He is completely interested in trashcans.  He wants to throw everything away because he sees us do it.  I have to look in the trashcan every so often to make sure no toys have been thrown away.

He claps!  He claps when I clap, and sometimes he claps when he is excited or when we sing pat-a-cake.

He can look through a book and turn the pages on his own.  I think this is amazing! But I figure I will wait to see if he starts reading aloud any day now before I call him a genius.

He gets so excited now when he hears the bath water running.  He squeals and walks as fast he can to the bathtub and just claps and laughs.  I love it.

He moos when he hears cows moo and he says “woof” when Suzy barks.  Cutest thing ever.

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One response to “Things to do before I turn 1- baby J’s list

  1. Merrsidotes

    January 30, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Oh my gosh, he’s so big. I read these and think of when Goober started doing all of these. So many are commonplace to us now, it’s hard to believe he just learned them a few months ago!


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