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Hungry much?

I am looking forward to nap time today. As soon as baby J is down for his nap, I will be down for mine too!  Baby J is usually a great sleeper and he sleeps really well through the night.  He usually sleeps for about 12-13 hours with a bottle around 4 or 5am.  He usually keeps his eyes closed for the bottle and wakes up just enough to tell me he’s hungry.  Last night he woke up around 11:30pm.  Chase got up and changed his diaper and rocked him back to sleep.  15 minutes later he was up again and I rocked him.  15 minutes after that he was crying again and it was time for some ibuprofen.  I figure it had probably started wearing off before and that was why he was waking up.  But no, 30 minutes later he was awake…again.  In my groggy mommy mind I went through the checklist. Fresh diaper, fresh medicine, and when I would rock him he would fall asleep in my arms.  Maybe he just wanted mommy because he felt so bad..  Maybe.. but that is unusual for baby J because he loves sleep and loves sleeping in his bed.  I thought it couldn’t be that he is hungry, or could it?   Yes, yes it was.  And thankfully, mommy and baby got to sleep, until 4am that is, and then he was hungry..again.  Growth spurt maybe?  I don’t know, but I’m keeping this in mind for tonight!

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Things to do before I turn 1- baby J’s list

Baby J has learned so many new things in the past month.  I am finding it hard to keep up with!  I looked at his baby book and I noticed I didn’t write very much down for the new things he learned for his 10 months. But for his 11 months I can barely fit it all on the lines, and I am writing super small to fit it all in!  At this rate I think I will have to write super small for his 12 months as well!  Here is what he has learned in the past month:

He started walking a couple of days before Christmas but now he is a pro at it and can walk super fast and turn around and pretty much do anything you or I can do.  He still can’t go from sitting to standing on his own.  I know it will happen any day because he is working on it.

He can now pick something off the floor without sitting down to get it.  He can reach down without falling over!

He is willingly putting food in his mouth.  Something we have worked on for quite a while.  So to add to this comes the transition of he doesn’t want ME to put food in his mouth anymore because he wants to do it.  Really, so baby food pureé is really starting to become a thing of the past.

He can drink out of a sippy cup! And he is learning to drink out of a straw, although he doesn’t quite get it on his own.  We still have to help him.

He points at everything, and I think it’s super cute.

He can kind of wave bye-bye.  He doesn’t really wave but he lifts his hand up.

He says mama now but it sounds like “nana”. I finally figured this out so there is really no telling when he actually started saying mama (nana) and meaning me.

He is completely interested in trashcans.  He wants to throw everything away because he sees us do it.  I have to look in the trashcan every so often to make sure no toys have been thrown away.

He claps!  He claps when I clap, and sometimes he claps when he is excited or when we sing pat-a-cake.

He can look through a book and turn the pages on his own.  I think this is amazing! But I figure I will wait to see if he starts reading aloud any day now before I call him a genius.

He gets so excited now when he hears the bath water running.  He squeals and walks as fast he can to the bathtub and just claps and laughs.  I love it.

He moos when he hears cows moo and he says “woof” when Suzy barks.  Cutest thing ever.

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Cleaning baby food jars

I have been saving my baby food jars for a project.  I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with them yet.  I have been looking up all kinds of different things to do with baby food jars and there are some really neat ideas out there!  But before I can use the baby food jars, I need to clean all the sticky stuff off of them.  I usually use Goo Gone or baby oil to clean sticker marks off of things, but I wanted to find a faster way to clean these jars.  I have 30+ baby food jars, and not that I will use them all, but I didn’t want to work at every single one trying to get the sticker stuff off.  So last night I decided to use peanut butter.  In college I worked at the Writing Center my freshman year, and they had me clean off some sticky stuff where they had taken the stickers off of things.  They gave me a jar of peanut butter and told me to spread the peanut butter on the sticky stuff, and then when I came in the next morning, I would be able to wipe it off without much work involved.  Ta Da!  So I decided to use this knowledge I learned in college (woo hoo! I knew it would pay off sometime!) to clean the baby food jars.

Here is a picture of one of them before:

A picture with the peanut butter smeared on the sticky stuff:

This morning I woke up and wiped off the peanut butter.  Almost everything wiped off clean, except for a little spot here and there on the jars.  I just took my finger nail and scraped it off real easily. So easy and I didn’t have to scrub or put much work into it all!

Ta Da!!

So now I just need to decide what to do with them all!

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More teeth!

I see them! There are so many teeth just waiting to come in. One made its appearance today, the top right tooth.  I knew it would because we were up a lot last night.  I believe he is working on four other teeth.  I have a pretty good feeling we are in it for the long haul untill all of those teeth come in.  I doubt there will be much break time in between.

And why is it that we always have the “bad” night the night before I have to work my one day a week.  This means he also wants to sleep in on the day we have to be up early.  Every other day he wakes up around 7:30am, but when we have one of those long nights he wants to sleep in until 8:30 or 9am.  I would love to sleep in that late.  Baby J, could you please pick a different night to teeth and wake up a bunch and then sleep in the next morning?  Your momma would really appreciate it.

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8 Year Anniversary

On December 29, Chase and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary.  We have been married for 8 years!  Sometimes I think that there is no way it has been eight years, but so many things have happened in eight years.  So much history, growing up, figuring things out, and finding ourselves more in love after each trial.  I remember when we were newlyweds and we were so excited to be married.  We were 21 years old! We really had no clue what we were doing. lol  But we had a lot of fun! Chase was deployed to Iraq for most of our first year of marriage so we really didn’t do a lot of the adjusting most newlyweds do until our second year of marriage.  Combine living together for the first time (we hadn’t ever lived in the same town before!) and post deployment (which can tear marriages apart) we had an extremely intense and interesting second year of marriage.  But after that year our marriage was firmly established.  We learned so much about each other and from each other that year, and it provided a good foundation for our marriage to grow on.

8 years!  We had so much fun traveling Europe and the States and being just us for 7 years.  Many people have children well before they have been married for 7 years.  I remember when we had been married for 5 years and I was sitting in Subway talking to a complete stranger.  If I remember correctly, all the tables were full.  I was eating by myself and so was another lady so we just sat together.  We started talking about children and life. She mentioned that her and her husband waited 7 years before they had their first child, and it was the most wonderful thing they ever did for their marriage.  I remember thinking, “7 years?! You waited 7 years? That is such a long time.” HA!

For our anniversary we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast owned by a friend’s mom.  It was so wonderful! Heated bathroom floors, jacuzzi, soft bathrobes, beautiful view off the balcony, and so much more followed by the best breakfast!  Chase’s mom kept baby J while we stayed there for our anniversary and it was wonderful.  Every married couple needs to take a night to spend alone every once in a while once they have children.  You remember all these little reasons you love each other that get missed with a child around.

I love my little family.  With baby J around I know each year will hold new surprises as we watch him grow.  I have a feeling that in 8 years we all will have grown a lot.  I will probably look back and think we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing. 🙂

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2012 goals

Here are my goals for 2012:

1. Find more clients so I can support our family.

2. Clean out each room as if we were moving and either throw away or donate things that I have not used or rarely used since we moved here over 4 years ago (unless it is an heirloom or something important).  This could possibly take me all year but I hope it only takes me a few months.

3. Add more recipes to my cookbook that I will actually cook.  Be realistic when choosing a new recipe and know what I can and will try.

4. Clean out cookbook from all the non-realistic recipes I saved through the years.

5. Steam clean the carpets.

6. Exercise every day, even if it is for 5 minutes.  (I started this in 2011 but slacked off in December)

7. Have at least one evening a week where I read a book, drink tea (or some other relaxing drink), and just relax.  This may or may not include a bubble bath or a cozy blanket or chocolate.

8. Have at least one evening a week that Chase and I make a date night.  This can be anything from renting a movie, playing a game, or actually having a friend watch baby J so we can go out.  We usually do this now but there are some weeks that this gets skipped.  Quality time is high for both of us on our love languages so we definitely have to make this a priority.

9. Continue to go out of the house on a date once a month, just me and Chase.  This worked well for 2011.  I want to make sure this continues!

10. Crochet a case for my Kindle. (Using Erin’s phone case she made for me many years ago as inspiration)

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Wrapping up 2011 and the Beginning of 2012

We finished the year going to Chase’s side of the family for their Christmas and then seeing my side of the family for another Christmas.  Baby J had a lot of fun seeing all of the family in just one week!  Chase’s mom got baby J a HUGE bear.  And I mean huge.  He is about 4 1/2 feet tall and is about the size of a piece of furniture.  When I sit, the bear’s head towers over mine.  It is insane.  I told my mother in law she really shouldn’t have.  We really have nowhere to put it.  The plan right now is to put it where the Christmas Tree is once we take the tree down. The bear is already a favorite and baby J and our dog love to play on and around it. The rest of the family got baby J baby toys and clothes, and we are having fun playing with all the toys!

Monday was the day we ended our Christmas craziness.  That was the day we drove home, but as soon as we arrived home we found out there was more craziness to come! Baby J had been coughing for a few days, but he had no other symptoms so we just figured he was getting a cold.  On Monday he woke up with his cheeks really flushed, but he wasn’t running a fever.  He looked like he didn’t feel good, but we still thought it was just a regular old cold.  Once we got back home we realized baby J didn’t really want to walk or crawl around, and when he did he was quickly running out of breath.  We made a quick appointment for him at Children’s Clinic since his doctor’s office was closed for the holiday.  I guessed on the way there that baby J had RSV, but I didn’t want to be correct. Unfortunately that is exactly what he has and it is certainly not fun.  Exhausting is what it is! I now know what it is like to give a 10 month old an inhaler to help him breathe.  I now know what it is like to worry that your baby may be getting dehydrated. I tried everything and anything to get him to drink something.  He didn’t want formula, juice or water.  He didn’t want it from a bottle or a sippy cup.  I tried a popsicle and that did not work either.   So I now know what it is like to put formula in a syringe and feed your baby an ounce or two that way.  I have learned a lot in just a few days!

I am so thankful to all my friends and family that have been praying for baby J to recover from this quickly.  The prayers are being answered, and he is making great improvements within just a couple of days!

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