Christmas Traditions

21 Dec

Christmas is only 4 days away!! Each year I get older the time goes by faster so when I am 40 I am going to have start planning for Christmas in October.  I already start planning for Christmas super early though as far as presents are concerned.  Other years I have bought people presents throughout the year.  When I pass by something in the store that makes me think of someone I buy it right then.  If I don’t buy it then I probably just missed the best opportunity to buy the perfect gift for that person.  This year I wanted to use baby J’s picture on some gifts so I had to wait until late November/early December to order those so that I could use more current pictures of him.

This year we are having Christmas at home and we plan on having Christmas at our house from now on.  Because of this, I want to start some of our own traditions.  We already have one tradition.  We watch It’s a Wonderful Life around Christmas every year.  Since we will be home, I am going to make this a Christmas Eve tradition!  I also make cookie press cookies every year because these are the cookies my grandma would always make and have set out for us at our family Christmas.  I would love to have a bunch of traditions that my children can associate with this time of year.  And I would love to hear what your traditions are!  Please comment and let me know. You might give me some great ideas.

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