Cruising like a pro

20 Dec

Baby J is cruising around like a pro! He is pulling up on anything and cruising everything.  He is so fast I can put him down at one end of the living room and he will pull up and walk with the help of furniture to the other end almost as fast as I can walk across the room myself! It’s crazy! I can only imagine how crazy it will be when he starts walking.
Baby J stayed up until 9pm Sunday night.  This is the first time he has stayed up more than a half hour past his bedtime since he was about 2 months old.  He is usually so cranky and irritable but because we were at a Christmas party and around people he just stayed really quiet and sat in our laps.  He was so sweet.
Yesterday Chase and I had the day “off” because a good friend of ours watched baby J in the afternoon.  We just went shopping together and hung out together.  It is so nice to have days like that!  I always miss my little man but I could tell he had so much fun when we picked him up.
So today is our day to stay home and relax.  Chase is off for Christmas break so baby J and I are enjoying his company.  It’s kind of like a Christmas break for me as well and I love the extended family time. This doesn’t happen very often.

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