All boy already

14 Dec

I want to snuggle. I want to hold my baby boy, kiss him, snuggle with him, and just love him.  He wants to play. He wants to play cars or with balls or paper or anything he can get his hands on.  He has watched us “drive” the cars around the floor and now that is what he loves to do.  He does this with all the toys though.  He will take a ball and scoot it around or a book even!  He just likes to scoot things around all over the house.  But let me take a minute here and say that I just want to snuggle and cuddle and hold him!  But I will get on the floor and scoot a toy around because my little boy is already all boy and snuggle time is reserved for sleepy times and don’t feel good times.  So I will play all day scooting toys and playing chase and reading books, and then at bedtime, when baby J is so sleepy he collapses on my shoulder, I get to have my snuggle time.

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One response to “All boy already

  1. Rebekah

    December 14, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    My snuggle time still exists with my little 14 month old, but it comes in short little spurts. Like when I get home and he runs 90 to nothing into my arms and gives me the biggest hug he possibly can. And when I ask for a kiss, he puts his lips together and leans really close to me and rubs noses. That is so sweet and precious. But after about the first 5-7 minutes I’m home from work, he will see a new shiny penny or forget that I am “hot news” and be back off into Landon world exploring everything and checking, just one more time, that it is still a “NO, NO”. But after bath, when he is exhausted, I used to be able to get him rocked to sleep. Not anymore, he is a big boy and wants to lay in bed with his blanket, his bottle and his music playing until he falls asleep. If you hold him, he just wiggles around uncontrollably like you are the most uncomfortable thing he could possibly be laying on to go to sleep. But, we still have our snuggle time, playing on the bed, wrestling on the floor, doing “boy” things whenever we can. And at the end of the day, my “little” boy isn’t so little anymore. But he doesn’t understand how much I want him to stay my little boy, and he doesn’t understand why I am trying to keep him from being a “big boy” when that is how we praise him sometimes. And we wonder why our children seem confused.


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