Social little boy

12 Dec

I love that baby J is so social.  He loves being around people, especially children who are a little older than he is.  He loves to watch them but he also wants to play with them! He really just loves to be around lots of people, and you can tell he just soaks up the attention and the action around him.  Sometimes he will even turn the charm on and smile at every person who greets him.
Saturday night we went to a Christmas party and there was a lot of children there.  Baby J absolutely had a blast.  New toys, new sounds, new people!!  Chase and I had a lot of fun too.  We got to meet up with two of the couples from our birth class whom we hadn’t seen in a while.  Their little ones are so adorable!!  I’m so glad we got to see them!
On Sunday, Chase and I went to the Arkansas Chamber Singers Christmas Concert at St. Andrews Cathederal. This is the third year we have been to their Christmas Concert and I love going.  They are such a talented group of people and I love hearing them sing different Christmas Carols.  This year they sang a lot of carols I had never heard before.  A lot of them were from different countries and different times.  I heard a few French carols that I thought sounded familiar so either I heard them in my high school French class or I have heard the English version at some point.  Baby J stayed the afternoon with Ashley and Jeff, some friends of ours.  They took him to see the Christmas parade here in town.  We haven’t ever been before and this was baby J’s first time to go to a parade.  They took some pictures and it looks like he is just watching the parade from the pictures.  They said he loved it and just watched everything go by.  I was nervous that the loud sounds might scare him but they said he did great!  I am so thankful for Ashley and Jeff! They take such good care of our sweet baby boy when we want to go out on dates.


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