First Snow!

08 Dec

It started snowing Tuesday night around 1030 and I was really hoping we would have some accumulation so I could show Baby J the snow when he woke up.  I was so happy when I woke up Wednesday morning and we had about 1/2 inch on the ground.  I knew it would melt within a few hours so as soon as baby J was awake and fed, we zipped him up in his coat, put his shoes on, and went outside with the camera to take pictures!  You could tell he was wondering what was up with the white stuff everywhere but he didn’t understand what it was.  When we let him touch the snow and pick some up he wasn’t really impressed since it was so cold.  I know he is a little young to enjoy snow as much as I do but when you live in a place that rarely gets snow you have to take advantage of every opportunity.  This is the first time since we have lived here that I have seen snow on the ground this early in the season.  It definitely made me more in the Christmas mood!  It also made me happy that it wasn’t even in the forecast.  See, you just never know when you might get some snow!  This is our 5th winter here and so far we have been very lucky and experienced at least one snow accumlation 4 out of the 5 years.  The other year we had a lot of ice.  I’ll take some snow, even if it is just a dusting!

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