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On December 23, 2 days before Christmas, baby J gave us an early Christmas present.  He started walking! It is crazy! It’s hard to believe my baby boy is big enough to walk! He is still gaining his confidence so he sometimes still cruises the furniture, especially when he is tired, but now if he wants something in the middle of the room or across the room he walks over to it instead of crawling.  He is so adorable when he is walking because you can see he is really concentrating the whole time; concentrating on walking and what he is going to.  If he gets distracted at all, he falls down.  He can’t go from sitting to standing by himself yet so he has to crawl to something to pull himself back up.  It just cracks me up that he wants to walk so badly.  Hmm..I wonder if he will be like his mommy and one of his first phrases will be “I do it myself”. lol I surely was not a stubborn child! 🙂

On Christmas Eve we let baby J open one of his gifts.  This is a tradition that my family used to do and although I hadn’t really thought about doing it, my friend Rebekah kind of reminded me of it.  Her family is celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas this year to experience the holiday that Jesus celebrated.  Of course, with Hanukkah you open one present a day for eight days.  She has a 1 year old and was telling me how great it was for him to play with one gift each day.  Well, this made me remember when mom and dad would let us open one gift on Christmas Eve night and we would really enjoy that one gift for a few hours before we went to bed.  So that is what we did with baby J.  I think it worked well!  He played with his new toy for a couple of hours and then it was bed time!  Santa was coming. 😉

Christmas day was good.  I was so excited about it that I think I had too high of expectations.  I didn’t expect baby J to be as excited or to even really love all his presents.  I knew he liked his presents because he helped us pick them out at the store, but I also know that babies would rather play with packaging and boxes.  But I think I just wanted this super happy family time and instead we had a very cranky baby.  He opened his first gift and was excited and wanted to play with his cars right away so we decided to let him play with each toy in between opening his 5 gifts and we would just take our time.  I think 5 gifts within an hour was slightly overwhelming.  He became cranky and instead of being awake 3 hours before nap time he went down for his nap after being awake 2 hours, just long enough to eat breakfast and open presents.  I wanted us all to go to church together but because baby J was napping I went to church and Chase stayed home.  I thought about waking baby J up but it’s probably a good thing I didn’t. He pretty much slept through most of the time I was at church. After I got home from church we made our Christmas meal of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans (with bacon!) and biscuits. It may not have been the Christmas I thought I was expecting, but I will say that instead of having this super happy family time I wanted I got great REAL family time; time with my husband and baby boy that was just the three of us celebrating Christmas and being us.  I really wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas is only 4 days away!! Each year I get older the time goes by faster so when I am 40 I am going to have start planning for Christmas in October.  I already start planning for Christmas super early though as far as presents are concerned.  Other years I have bought people presents throughout the year.  When I pass by something in the store that makes me think of someone I buy it right then.  If I don’t buy it then I probably just missed the best opportunity to buy the perfect gift for that person.  This year I wanted to use baby J’s picture on some gifts so I had to wait until late November/early December to order those so that I could use more current pictures of him.

This year we are having Christmas at home and we plan on having Christmas at our house from now on.  Because of this, I want to start some of our own traditions.  We already have one tradition.  We watch It’s a Wonderful Life around Christmas every year.  Since we will be home, I am going to make this a Christmas Eve tradition!  I also make cookie press cookies every year because these are the cookies my grandma would always make and have set out for us at our family Christmas.  I would love to have a bunch of traditions that my children can associate with this time of year.  And I would love to hear what your traditions are!  Please comment and let me know. You might give me some great ideas.

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Cruising like a pro

Baby J is cruising around like a pro! He is pulling up on anything and cruising everything.  He is so fast I can put him down at one end of the living room and he will pull up and walk with the help of furniture to the other end almost as fast as I can walk across the room myself! It’s crazy! I can only imagine how crazy it will be when he starts walking.
Baby J stayed up until 9pm Sunday night.  This is the first time he has stayed up more than a half hour past his bedtime since he was about 2 months old.  He is usually so cranky and irritable but because we were at a Christmas party and around people he just stayed really quiet and sat in our laps.  He was so sweet.
Yesterday Chase and I had the day “off” because a good friend of ours watched baby J in the afternoon.  We just went shopping together and hung out together.  It is so nice to have days like that!  I always miss my little man but I could tell he had so much fun when we picked him up.
So today is our day to stay home and relax.  Chase is off for Christmas break so baby J and I are enjoying his company.  It’s kind of like a Christmas break for me as well and I love the extended family time. This doesn’t happen very often.

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All boy already

I want to snuggle. I want to hold my baby boy, kiss him, snuggle with him, and just love him.  He wants to play. He wants to play cars or with balls or paper or anything he can get his hands on.  He has watched us “drive” the cars around the floor and now that is what he loves to do.  He does this with all the toys though.  He will take a ball and scoot it around or a book even!  He just likes to scoot things around all over the house.  But let me take a minute here and say that I just want to snuggle and cuddle and hold him!  But I will get on the floor and scoot a toy around because my little boy is already all boy and snuggle time is reserved for sleepy times and don’t feel good times.  So I will play all day scooting toys and playing chase and reading books, and then at bedtime, when baby J is so sleepy he collapses on my shoulder, I get to have my snuggle time.

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Social little boy

I love that baby J is so social.  He loves being around people, especially children who are a little older than he is.  He loves to watch them but he also wants to play with them! He really just loves to be around lots of people, and you can tell he just soaks up the attention and the action around him.  Sometimes he will even turn the charm on and smile at every person who greets him.
Saturday night we went to a Christmas party and there was a lot of children there.  Baby J absolutely had a blast.  New toys, new sounds, new people!!  Chase and I had a lot of fun too.  We got to meet up with two of the couples from our birth class whom we hadn’t seen in a while.  Their little ones are so adorable!!  I’m so glad we got to see them!
On Sunday, Chase and I went to the Arkansas Chamber Singers Christmas Concert at St. Andrews Cathederal. This is the third year we have been to their Christmas Concert and I love going.  They are such a talented group of people and I love hearing them sing different Christmas Carols.  This year they sang a lot of carols I had never heard before.  A lot of them were from different countries and different times.  I heard a few French carols that I thought sounded familiar so either I heard them in my high school French class or I have heard the English version at some point.  Baby J stayed the afternoon with Ashley and Jeff, some friends of ours.  They took him to see the Christmas parade here in town.  We haven’t ever been before and this was baby J’s first time to go to a parade.  They took some pictures and it looks like he is just watching the parade from the pictures.  They said he loved it and just watched everything go by.  I was nervous that the loud sounds might scare him but they said he did great!  I am so thankful for Ashley and Jeff! They take such good care of our sweet baby boy when we want to go out on dates.


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First Snow!

It started snowing Tuesday night around 1030 and I was really hoping we would have some accumulation so I could show Baby J the snow when he woke up.  I was so happy when I woke up Wednesday morning and we had about 1/2 inch on the ground.  I knew it would melt within a few hours so as soon as baby J was awake and fed, we zipped him up in his coat, put his shoes on, and went outside with the camera to take pictures!  You could tell he was wondering what was up with the white stuff everywhere but he didn’t understand what it was.  When we let him touch the snow and pick some up he wasn’t really impressed since it was so cold.  I know he is a little young to enjoy snow as much as I do but when you live in a place that rarely gets snow you have to take advantage of every opportunity.  This is the first time since we have lived here that I have seen snow on the ground this early in the season.  It definitely made me more in the Christmas mood!  It also made me happy that it wasn’t even in the forecast.  See, you just never know when you might get some snow!  This is our 5th winter here and so far we have been very lucky and experienced at least one snow accumlation 4 out of the 5 years.  The other year we had a lot of ice.  I’ll take some snow, even if it is just a dusting!

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Teething, Ugh!

Baby J is teething and I mean really teething.  He has 4 teeth coming in at the same time.  Everything has been pretty good up until this past week.  We now have 6-8 dirty diapers a day (not including any wet ones!) so cloth diapering is on hold! We also now have occasional spit-ups. And to top that off he has absolutely refused to eat anything on a spoon for about 4 days now.  He will eat cheerios and yogurt melts but that is really about it.  In a nut shell- he feels miserable. And according to the doctor, this is all normal for a teething baby and will probably last 1-2 weeks. 😦

Last night around 1:30am I woke up to hear him moaning in bed. He was on his hands and knees rocking back and forth and just moaning.  I figured it was his gums hurting.  Normally I would leave him alone if he isn’t crying but mother’s instinct told me to go get him.  Once I picked him up and went ahead and changed his diaper he threw up, poor little guy.  Yet he was SO happy once he threw up.  It actually looked like spit up but I will classify it as throw up as it had been over 6 hours since he ate.  So my happy little boy drank some water and went back to sleep.  He doesn’t seem sick or act sick or look sick! Which I am so happy about. I am blaming everything on the teething.

Feeding him baby food has become this huge challenge in the past few days.  If I do get around him slapping the spoon down and get the food in his mouth, he cries; literally cries and big tear drops form and I can see this look in his face of “mommy, how could you?” *sigh*  So we may have to put the baby food/puree on hold for awhile and just eat puffs, cheerios, and yogurt melts at breakfast lunch and supper.  He IS getting all his nutrients from his bottles so I am not worried.  I’m just impatient for him to feel like himself again!


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