9 month checkup

30 Nov

Baby J had his 9 month checkup yesterday.  He is now in the 75 percentile for height and weight! He is such a big boy!  Even though people say he is so big he still wears size 9 month clothes.  Which is a good thing because I believe we have all his clothes bought for the next year in the appropriate age/size regarding the season!  It is official that he is working on 4 teeth.  The bottom 2 on the sides of his two teeth he already has in and the top 2 middle teeth.  All at the same time!  No wonder he is miserable. My poor baby boy!

I wanted to write about something baby J does right now so I can remember because it crack me up.  When it’s time to eat and I am feeding him some sort of puree he doesn’t like he lifts his arms above his head and when the spoon gets anywhere close to his mouth he brings his hands down fast and smacks the spoon down.  This is completely aggravating at the time but when I think about it, it is pretty hilarious.  I have fought the good fight of still feeding him when he had his head turned, when he put his hands in front of his mouth, when he closed his lips tightly together, and then again when he would blow the food back at me.  I won all of those by being as stubborn as he was. ha!  But this is the one battle I don’t think I can win.  He finally figured out something that works, the little stinker.


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