Into everything!

29 Nov

Baby J is into everything!! And he is fast! I feel like I can barely keep up with him.  I turn away for less than 30 seconds and he is into something else already!  I love watching him crawl and cruise though.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  This past weekend my parents gave us a push walker for baby J to cruise around by himself.  He LOVES it.  We are still learning how to turn but I love watching him cruise across the living room with his big smile.  I spent a lot of my afternoon watching him walk to one end and then turning him around to walk to the other and then turning him around again.  He is so excited!  So excited in fact, that whenever he sees the push toy he HAS to walk so the toy is hidden every once in awhile so that mommy can rest!  Baby J is also teething again!  We had a beautiful week of him sleeping 12-13 hours straight through the night. I knew it was just a growth spurt or something and it would come to an end, but it was so nice and I am ready for him to sleep straight through the night again!  He’s lucky he is just so cute that I don’t mind rocking him at 2:45 in the morning when his gums hurt.  I love that little boy!

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