Gift Time

21 Nov

Why is coming up with gifts I want for Christmas such a hard thing for me to do?  In past years I have always been able to come up with things that I want.  This year is completely different.  I want intangible things. I want more time or actually I just want time to slow down a little bit because I feel like it’s racing by.  I want my house to be magically cleaned and everything in its place. I would love a vacation with my little family.  Not necessarily going somewhere but just the 3 of us together and not worried about anything that needs to be done like bills or cleaning or cooking.
I did get a few things for my birthday that I wanted like a new pair of comfy black flats and a whole day to spend with my husband while a good friend took care of baby J. Saturday Chase and I went out to eat at Bravo! for lunch and then we went ice skating in Little Rock at the open air ice skating rink that is open this time of year. While we were ice skating we got to see Robin Williams who was also skating!  That was neat!!  He was with some people so pretty much everyone was keeping their distance respecting his space. After skating, we did a little shopping at the mall but it was so crowded we didn’t stay long.
I also got a dozen roses on my birthday from my husband and here is what they looked like 4 days later! All 12 bloomed! I don’t know if I have ever gotten a dozen roses or several roses for that matter where they all have bloomed so I think it’s pretty special!

So back to what I want for Christmas.  When I try to think of tangible things I want I come up with almost everything somehow related to Jacob.  I want a photo album or a picture book with baby J’s pictures.  Cute clothes for baby J or toys.  WHY oh why can’t I come up with stuff for me??  Is this normal?!
So after much consideration I finally figured out 2 things I would really like.  A Keurig Coffeemaker and a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. But those are pretty pricey and we aren’t spending that kind of money this Christmas so it’s back to square one.  So…maybe just a photo put pictures in..of baby J? 🙂


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