Time To Explore

15 Nov

Baby J is saying “no” to toys and “yes” to exploring!  He learned to really crawl over the weekend.  He has been what I call “half-crawling” for a while now but on Sunday he actually started moving a little faster.  Today he figured it out completely and just squeals while crawling across the floor! But he STILL would rather cruise the furniture or hold on to my fingers and walk around the house.  Crawling is just another way for him to get to the furniture so he can “walk”. So now we go from the phase of life where I could leave him sitting on the floor and walk away and know he would be in the same area to the phase of life where I can’t even sit him down with his toys.  Because he doesn’t want his toys.  He wants mommy to watch and help him walk and cruise and get into everything that is not a toy.  He is so incredibly attentive and I actually love watching him explore and study each object he comes across.  The best part is when I say I am going to get him and he squeals and tries his hardest to get away.  I figure I may as well enjoy this game now because we all know this won’t be a game to me when he gets older.  But for now, he is cute and everything he does is cute and I will enjoy it all.

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