The last few days

14 Nov

Last Thursday we all went to Mountain Home for a couple of days to see some friends that we haven’t seen in a while.  Baby J finally got to meet them!  We had a great time hanging out and eating supper with them.  It’s too bad we didn’t have more time to catch up.  Friday night Chase and I saw Third Day in concert.  The concert was so much fun!!  We had a blast and I am very glad we decided to go.  It was a great early birthday present!

Baby J is still trying to figure out the whole crawling thing.  I think what throws him off is he still really wants to walk.  He does this thing where he kind of crawls but then as soon as he starts crawling he puts one foot down like he wants to stand up and then he sits down and tries it all over again.  It is so cute and I can’t get it on video.  Every time I get the video camera out he stares at it and stops trying to crawl!

I believe we are working on the two top teeth coming in.  Some days it doesn’t seem like he is teething at all, although I know he is, and other days he is in so much pain.  I wonder why some days are worse than others?  But I am very glad for him and me that he has a lot of good days of teething with just a few bad ones mixed in.

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