First Halloween

01 Nov

We had so much fun dressing baby J up as Tigger!  Saturday night we met up with some friends who have a daughter who is a couple of months older than baby J and we went Trunk or Treating at our church.  We had a lot of fun showing baby J off and of course getting a few pieces of candy was fun as well!

Saturday night we went to a Halloween Baby Party.  There were about 8-10 families there with children under the age of 2.  We had so much fun!! We loved seeing all the babies dressed up in their costumes!  Here is a picture of baby J with some of his friends.

As we all know, yesterday was Halloween.  We didn’t want to take baby J trick or treating for the obvious reasons of his early bedtime and we don’t need any candy, but I did want to show off my baby’s cuteness!  So Chase dressed up in his costume that allows him to blend in with the grass and we dressed baby J as Tigger once again!  While Chase laid out in the grass and scared the older kids that came by, Baby J and I sat on the front porch giving out candy.  I had so much fun watching Chase scare the older kids and hearing people say how cute my baby boy was!  That was the best Halloween we have had in awhile!

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