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9 month checkup

Baby J had his 9 month checkup yesterday.  He is now in the 75 percentile for height and weight! He is such a big boy!  Even though people say he is so big he still wears size 9 month clothes.  Which is a good thing because I believe we have all his clothes bought for the next year in the appropriate age/size regarding the season!  It is official that he is working on 4 teeth.  The bottom 2 on the sides of his two teeth he already has in and the top 2 middle teeth.  All at the same time!  No wonder he is miserable. My poor baby boy!

I wanted to write about something baby J does right now so I can remember because it crack me up.  When it’s time to eat and I am feeding him some sort of puree he doesn’t like he lifts his arms above his head and when the spoon gets anywhere close to his mouth he brings his hands down fast and smacks the spoon down.  This is completely aggravating at the time but when I think about it, it is pretty hilarious.  I have fought the good fight of still feeding him when he had his head turned, when he put his hands in front of his mouth, when he closed his lips tightly together, and then again when he would blow the food back at me.  I won all of those by being as stubborn as he was. ha!  But this is the one battle I don’t think I can win.  He finally figured out something that works, the little stinker.


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Into everything!

Baby J is into everything!! And he is fast! I feel like I can barely keep up with him.  I turn away for less than 30 seconds and he is into something else already!  I love watching him crawl and cruise though.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  This past weekend my parents gave us a push walker for baby J to cruise around by himself.  He LOVES it.  We are still learning how to turn but I love watching him cruise across the living room with his big smile.  I spent a lot of my afternoon watching him walk to one end and then turning him around to walk to the other and then turning him around again.  He is so excited!  So excited in fact, that whenever he sees the push toy he HAS to walk so the toy is hidden every once in awhile so that mommy can rest!  Baby J is also teething again!  We had a beautiful week of him sleeping 12-13 hours straight through the night. I knew it was just a growth spurt or something and it would come to an end, but it was so nice and I am ready for him to sleep straight through the night again!  He’s lucky he is just so cute that I don’t mind rocking him at 2:45 in the morning when his gums hurt.  I love that little boy!

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Gift Time

Why is coming up with gifts I want for Christmas such a hard thing for me to do?  In past years I have always been able to come up with things that I want.  This year is completely different.  I want intangible things. I want more time or actually I just want time to slow down a little bit because I feel like it’s racing by.  I want my house to be magically cleaned and everything in its place. I would love a vacation with my little family.  Not necessarily going somewhere but just the 3 of us together and not worried about anything that needs to be done like bills or cleaning or cooking.
I did get a few things for my birthday that I wanted like a new pair of comfy black flats and a whole day to spend with my husband while a good friend took care of baby J. Saturday Chase and I went out to eat at Bravo! for lunch and then we went ice skating in Little Rock at the open air ice skating rink that is open this time of year. While we were ice skating we got to see Robin Williams who was also skating!  That was neat!!  He was with some people so pretty much everyone was keeping their distance respecting his space. After skating, we did a little shopping at the mall but it was so crowded we didn’t stay long.
I also got a dozen roses on my birthday from my husband and here is what they looked like 4 days later! All 12 bloomed! I don’t know if I have ever gotten a dozen roses or several roses for that matter where they all have bloomed so I think it’s pretty special!

So back to what I want for Christmas.  When I try to think of tangible things I want I come up with almost everything somehow related to Jacob.  I want a photo album or a picture book with baby J’s pictures.  Cute clothes for baby J or toys.  WHY oh why can’t I come up with stuff for me??  Is this normal?!
So after much consideration I finally figured out 2 things I would really like.  A Keurig Coffeemaker and a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. But those are pretty pricey and we aren’t spending that kind of money this Christmas so it’s back to square one.  So…maybe just a photo put pictures in..of baby J? 🙂


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Time To Explore

Baby J is saying “no” to toys and “yes” to exploring!  He learned to really crawl over the weekend.  He has been what I call “half-crawling” for a while now but on Sunday he actually started moving a little faster.  Today he figured it out completely and just squeals while crawling across the floor! But he STILL would rather cruise the furniture or hold on to my fingers and walk around the house.  Crawling is just another way for him to get to the furniture so he can “walk”. So now we go from the phase of life where I could leave him sitting on the floor and walk away and know he would be in the same area to the phase of life where I can’t even sit him down with his toys.  Because he doesn’t want his toys.  He wants mommy to watch and help him walk and cruise and get into everything that is not a toy.  He is so incredibly attentive and I actually love watching him explore and study each object he comes across.  The best part is when I say I am going to get him and he squeals and tries his hardest to get away.  I figure I may as well enjoy this game now because we all know this won’t be a game to me when he gets older.  But for now, he is cute and everything he does is cute and I will enjoy it all.

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The last few days

Last Thursday we all went to Mountain Home for a couple of days to see some friends that we haven’t seen in a while.  Baby J finally got to meet them!  We had a great time hanging out and eating supper with them.  It’s too bad we didn’t have more time to catch up.  Friday night Chase and I saw Third Day in concert.  The concert was so much fun!!  We had a blast and I am very glad we decided to go.  It was a great early birthday present!

Baby J is still trying to figure out the whole crawling thing.  I think what throws him off is he still really wants to walk.  He does this thing where he kind of crawls but then as soon as he starts crawling he puts one foot down like he wants to stand up and then he sits down and tries it all over again.  It is so cute and I can’t get it on video.  Every time I get the video camera out he stares at it and stops trying to crawl!

I believe we are working on the two top teeth coming in.  Some days it doesn’t seem like he is teething at all, although I know he is, and other days he is in so much pain.  I wonder why some days are worse than others?  But I am very glad for him and me that he has a lot of good days of teething with just a few bad ones mixed in.

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It happens in a blink

I was looking at pictures of baby J yesterday.  Actually, I was going through the more than 100 or so pictures of him that I take each month.  I promised myself I would make actual picture albums of any children I had and so the fun started this year!  The good and bad parts of having a digital camera is that you can take a TON of pictures.  So then I have to go through the TON of pictures to decide which ones are worth printing to put in the albums.  I can never narrow it down lower than about 75 pictures a month.  I know, it’s crazy.  But I am okay with that!

As I am going through pictures that I have taken in the past couple of months I realize just how much baby J has changed.  He has changed a LOT!  There are little things he did 3 months ago, 2 months ago, or even 1 month ago, that he doesn’t do anymore because he has grown past that milestone.  Little things like the way he holds things in his hands and big things like the way he used to hold on to his feet.  He loved playing with his feet.  He occasionally still plays with his feet but it’s not very often anymore.  I remember when he used to do it all the time.  That is why I am okay with printing 75-100 pictures on a monthly basis.  I have pictures of him playing with his feet, pictures of the way he holds his toys, pictures of his non-toothy smile, pictures of when he couldn’t quite get the smile thing down so he just opened his mouth really wide but you knew he was smiling, so many pictures.

I also have a lot of videos recorded of baby J on my Flip camcorder.  I love every minute of every video.  Sometimes baby J and I will watch them together and he just laughs at himself!  I need to get a video of him watching himself! 

Sometimes though, something happens and you want to remember it forever but you didn’t capture it on camera.  I have found it a necessity to write these things down.  I really think I will remember but it is so hard to remember details if you can even remember the event!  So in light of that I will share a memory that was made last night with you all.

Baby J was trying so hard to crawl. I couldn’t take my eyes off him because he usually doesn’t care about trying.  I was sitting in the kitchen and he was in the living room.  He decided to do what I will call the “half-crawl.” He would get up on his hands and knees and “scooch” for about 3-5 inches and then sit back down.  He did that almost all the way to me (about 6 or more feet distance) and then he was distracted by the pantry.  He got himself all the way up next to the pantry and sat himself smack in the middle of the front.  He looked to the right and saw a door hinge and touched it, looked to the left and saw a door hinge and touched it.  You could see he was thinking about something.  He looked from the right door hinge to the left door hinge and then he reached out with both arms and hugged the pantry to try to touch both door hinges at the same time.  Success!! He smiled so big. lol  I wish I would have gotten a picture or a video of my goofy boy hugging the pantry so that he could touch both door hinges at the same time.

I realized that even though I tell myself that he still has many years left to be a kid and play toys, it’s not really that long.  His baby years are going to be gone before I know it.  Take as many pictures as you want moms and dads.  Record as many videos as you can.  It all happens in a blink.

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Little Worries

Sometimes I wonder if he shouldn’t be playing with those DVD cases because then he might think it’s okay to play with all DVD cases.

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop him from fingering the buttons on the different things on the entertainment center because one day he will want to push all the buttons.

Sometimes I wonder if I help him move too much and maybe I should just let him be on the floor so he can learn to be mobile on his own.

Sometimes I wonder if he will ever really like to eat puree baby food and does this mean he won’t like a lot of foods.

So sometimes my mind wonders like a mom’s mind usually does.  But then I remember that he is going to be himself and I am going to be the mommy.  And everything always works out in the end.

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