God’s Blessings

28 Oct

About 5 months ago when my 12 weeks of learning how to be a new mommy were over I went back to work.  I did not enjoy being back at work.  I wanted to be home with my son.  There are two main reasons why it was a good thing I went back to work.  I learned how to be me again.  To be me plus be a mommy. And Chase learned what it was like to be a stay at home daddy during the summer.  Two great reasons!  And that is part of the reason I stuck it out, well, that and the money.

Once Chase went back to school we had to put baby J in daycare and it honestly wasn’t the best situation for our family.  Daycares have a lot of rules and this one was more institutionalized than many others.  During the first couple weeks he was in daycare we knew this was not going to work for our family so Chase and I started joking about me quitting my job.  How could I quit when I make the bulk of our money? It didn’t seem logical.  But God rarely cares about logic as we come to find out.  After much praying and much discussing and budgeting we took a huge leap of faith and about 10 weeks after that day when we joked about it, I worked my last day at my job.  I have never felt more at peace with a decision.  Our little family was instantly happier.  Everything just kind of fits into place.  I didn’t know what to expect when I quit.  I knew I had to trust that God doesn’t care about money and he cares about people so I had to do the same.  If I kept my family first then the money wouldn’t matter, it would never matter.

It’s amazing how when one door closes another opens.  That saying has always sounded so cliché to me but it is also so true.  We took that step of faith for our family and God has already blessed our family in so many ways. One of them is that I now have a new job where I still get to keep my family first.  As of this week I am now working with my friend’s mom selling health insurance.  And I am mostly working from home!  I plan on working out of her office one day a week just so I can spend some hours focusing on paperwork and such.

Taking a leap of faith is a little scary sometimes, I would know.  I didn’t know what would happen once we did it.  I just knew it was the right thing to do. To some people that may sound crazy, but to me it sounds just right.

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One response to “God’s Blessings

  1. Rebekah

    October 28, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Remember that day at work when you came to me and asked me have I ever truly taken a leap of faith? And I replied yes, gave you a couple examples that you have seen me follow through with in my life. A little while later, you came back to me and told me of this discussion between you and Chase. I remember thinking at that time “well that’s a great idea”, and a true leap, wasn’t so sure about the faith part at that moment. As you drew closer to your end date goal, your faith grew stronger, you were hearing from God, and following his order’s, without questions, for what may be the first time in your life. God listened to your heart, he heard your cry, and he opened a door that would put God first, your family second, and work somewhere toward the bottom. Just as God intended. The reason you are SO at peace, is because you didn’t question him, you didn’t rationalize his decision and his plans for your future. This is what it feels like to make a life changing decision, place it in God’s hands, turn your back to all reality, follow through, and end up with a blessing. I am so glad you have taken your first step, and now, you will be given so many more blessing from our Lord and Savior. PRAISE GOD!! He is truly a merciful, loving God and I am glad he is part of both of our lives. I have always believed that God puts people in your life for a reason, not by chance. If the reason you were put in my life is so I could help you make this first step, I am honored that I have also followed God’s calling. Out of all of our conversations, this one was the one that changed your lifestyle, WOW, how God works in mysterious ways.
    Love You so MUCH!!- Rebekah


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