24 Oct

I have heard baby J say dada before but it is usually in a string of dadas as in dadadadada.  He sometimes does this when he is in bed and mostly happy but wanting to get our attention.  I figured he knew it meant something but he probably wasn’t sure what it meant.

Yesterday we were in Target and Chase went down a different aisle then baby J and I were in and I kept saying “Where’s your dada?”  “Tell dada to come over here” and Jacob started saying “Dada” very clearly.  It was adorable.  I loved it!  Of course I then tried to get him to say “mama” but that just isn’t going to happen yet. 🙂  Baby J said it again and we were close to Chase and I asked him if he heard baby J and he said he didn’t.  Really?!  So of course baby J wouldn’t say it again when we prompted him to.  That’s the way it works you know.  So I decided to walk away again and I said “Where’s your dada?” and he says super loud and slow “Da-Da” and got this huge smile on his face.  You could see baby J figured it out and he was so happy with himself.  You should have seen Chase’s face, it was a priceless moment.  I think everyone in the aisles next to us heard him as well.  One lady stopped to chuckle and watch our silly little family rejoice with our child as he said “Dada” for real for the very first time.

And can you just imagine how many times we tried to get him to say “dada” again? HA!!  Or how many times we tried to get him to say “mama”?  As if in saying his first word he is now able to say anything whenever he wants.  😉 Oh, we are such a proud mommy and daddy. 😀

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