Some of the things I have learned in a week and a half

19 Oct


Baby J wants to be mobile so badly.  He really doesn’t have much interest in crawling.  He tries it every now and then but then just looks up at me and rolls over.  He would rather walk.  He can already cruise the furniture at a slow pace and he takes off when we hold his hands.  The other problem here, is that he can’t pull up yet.  So you can imagine the frustration my little guy has on a regular basis.  If he falls down he can’t pull himself back up and he doesn’t want to crawl so mommy is always on call!  So far I have been completely okay with him not being mobile yet but now that he wants to so badly I want it for him!  Finding something to help him walk without me having to bend over all day…almost check.

When your husband calls you around 7:30am after he left the house and asks you to check his pocket for something before you start laundry, you realize that maybe he wants you to do the laundry even though laundry wasn’t on your list of things to do for the day.  Laundry…check!

When your husband calls and asks what’s for supper don’t say “I don’t know”.  Menu on fridge..check!

Remember to mute phone ringers for naptime..check!

Buy some type of hat that my sweet boy can’t pull off for when we go on walks…any ideas anyone?

Here is part of our typical day when we go outside to play!


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2 responses to “Some of the things I have learned in a week and a half

  1. Merrsidotes

    October 19, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Oh, if I had known you needed a walker for Jacob, I would have lent you ours. Gabe doesn’t even look at it anymore! If you want it, let me know. As for a hat, the only thing that SOMETIMES works for us is a jacket with a hood that either naps or ties with a drawstring. But good luck with that, they figure those things out quick!

    • mytimeathome

      October 19, 2011 at 9:06 pm

      I think I may be getting a walker from a friend this Friday. If not, I will borrow yours when we come up in a month. I am going to try the jacket with the hood next. *crossing my fingers*


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