Being Baby J’s Mommy

17 Oct

I absolutely LOVE being baby J’s mommy.  So far I have been a stay at home mom for one week.  This is the start of the second week. This new journey is a big step of faith for Chase and I.  I feel incredibly blessed.   My typical day is like this so far if I am not running errands:

6:30am Wake up, throw some workout clothes on and go for a 10 minute walk with Suzy.

6:40am Read the bible for about 10 minutes

6:50am Make coffee, clean anything left in the kitchen that may have been soaking or empty dishwasher

7am Baby J wakes up around 7 but on the days he sleeps in I will watch some news or read a magazine or sometimes just crawl back into bed with Chase for a few minutes.
When baby J wakes up he always wakes up talking to himself and playing and I let him keep playing in his crib for about 10 minutes and then it is “Good Morning!” time!! Diaper change and clothes on which can take about 20-30 minutes because we have LOTS of fun in the mornings.  We eat breakfast together and then it is playtime!

8-9:30am Baby J usually plays while I wash my face and change my clothes and then once I am “ready” for the day we play some more! We try to go for a walk if the weather is nice.

9:30am Starts the process of naptime.  It usually takes him 20-30 minutes to have a bottle and wind down for his nap, less time if I am lucky!

10am Naptime!

11am Wake up from nap and play a little until lunch

11:30am Lunchtime! We also eat lunch together.

12am This is the perfect time for us to run errands.  If we don’t leave the house then we just play some more!

2pm Naptime!

2:45pm Awake and time to play again!  We try to play outside in the late afternoon and go for long walks.

4:30pm Start making supper.  Baby J plays in his exersaucer.

5:30pm Chase comes home and it’s suppertime!

6:30pm Bathtime! Chase usually gives baby J a bath.

7pm Bedtime!

Somewhere between 1-5am baby J wakes up to eat a quick bottle.  And then the process starts all over again at 6:30am!

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