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My aunt sent me a surprise in the mail!  I received a box of things she made for me and baby J!  Some of it is fall themed and just in time since I only have a few things to put out for the fall.  Some of it was for baby J and it is all just what we needed, a hat, mittens, bibs and a blanket!  I am posting pictures so you can see some of the awesome surprises I received!  I LOVE getting surprise packages!!

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God’s Blessings

About 5 months ago when my 12 weeks of learning how to be a new mommy were over I went back to work.  I did not enjoy being back at work.  I wanted to be home with my son.  There are two main reasons why it was a good thing I went back to work.  I learned how to be me again.  To be me plus be a mommy. And Chase learned what it was like to be a stay at home daddy during the summer.  Two great reasons!  And that is part of the reason I stuck it out, well, that and the money.

Once Chase went back to school we had to put baby J in daycare and it honestly wasn’t the best situation for our family.  Daycares have a lot of rules and this one was more institutionalized than many others.  During the first couple weeks he was in daycare we knew this was not going to work for our family so Chase and I started joking about me quitting my job.  How could I quit when I make the bulk of our money? It didn’t seem logical.  But God rarely cares about logic as we come to find out.  After much praying and much discussing and budgeting we took a huge leap of faith and about 10 weeks after that day when we joked about it, I worked my last day at my job.  I have never felt more at peace with a decision.  Our little family was instantly happier.  Everything just kind of fits into place.  I didn’t know what to expect when I quit.  I knew I had to trust that God doesn’t care about money and he cares about people so I had to do the same.  If I kept my family first then the money wouldn’t matter, it would never matter.

It’s amazing how when one door closes another opens.  That saying has always sounded so cliché to me but it is also so true.  We took that step of faith for our family and God has already blessed our family in so many ways. One of them is that I now have a new job where I still get to keep my family first.  As of this week I am now working with my friend’s mom selling health insurance.  And I am mostly working from home!  I plan on working out of her office one day a week just so I can spend some hours focusing on paperwork and such.

Taking a leap of faith is a little scary sometimes, I would know.  I didn’t know what would happen once we did it.  I just knew it was the right thing to do. To some people that may sound crazy, but to me it sounds just right.

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8 months old

I can’t believe my baby boy is 8 months old!  I feel like it was just a couple of weeks ago that we brought him home from the hospital and we were in parent boot camp.  What is parent boot camp you may ask?  It is little to no sleep and it is hard to believe that you will ever get enough sleep because it seems there is no end to the constant waking up.  It is putting your needs and wants second or third every single minute of every day.  It is trying to figure out your new schedule of when to shower, when to eat, when to go the bathroom!  It is learning that there is no such thing as a quick trip to the store anymore.  It is remembering everything to put in the diaper bag down to the favorite toy because if you get stuck somewhere waiting you NEED that toy. ( I  know from experience what it’s like to forget that toy!) It is falling in love with a little person that didn’t exist moments, days, weeks ago.  It is watching their face take in everything and seeing them learn.  It is seeing them smile at you for the very first time.  It is hearing their laugh and trying to make them laugh over and over again because their laugh is probably the best noise you have ever heard.  It is watching them pick up something for the first time.  It is seeing them get so excited when they learn something new. It is hurting for them when they are sick and wishing you could just make it all better.  It is one of the greatest Joys in life that God gave us.  I thank God everyday for my little boy.  Happy 8 months to my baby boy who is growing up so fast.

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I have heard baby J say dada before but it is usually in a string of dadas as in dadadadada.  He sometimes does this when he is in bed and mostly happy but wanting to get our attention.  I figured he knew it meant something but he probably wasn’t sure what it meant.

Yesterday we were in Target and Chase went down a different aisle then baby J and I were in and I kept saying “Where’s your dada?”  “Tell dada to come over here” and Jacob started saying “Dada” very clearly.  It was adorable.  I loved it!  Of course I then tried to get him to say “mama” but that just isn’t going to happen yet. 🙂  Baby J said it again and we were close to Chase and I asked him if he heard baby J and he said he didn’t.  Really?!  So of course baby J wouldn’t say it again when we prompted him to.  That’s the way it works you know.  So I decided to walk away again and I said “Where’s your dada?” and he says super loud and slow “Da-Da” and got this huge smile on his face.  You could see baby J figured it out and he was so happy with himself.  You should have seen Chase’s face, it was a priceless moment.  I think everyone in the aisles next to us heard him as well.  One lady stopped to chuckle and watch our silly little family rejoice with our child as he said “Dada” for real for the very first time.

And can you just imagine how many times we tried to get him to say “dada” again? HA!!  Or how many times we tried to get him to say “mama”?  As if in saying his first word he is now able to say anything whenever he wants.  😉 Oh, we are such a proud mommy and daddy. 😀

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Is there ever enough time in a day?  I really should have written down all those things I thought I would do once I was a stay at home mom.  Now I just chuckle at some of the thoughts I had.  I knew some of them were unrealistic but there is always hope, right?  Out of the things I wanted to do I really am exercising more by taking long walks and lifting a 20 pound baby over and over again.  My body is slowly adjusting to this as I spent the last 5 years of my life mostly sitting in front of a computer.  I am also cooking and baking again.  I haven’t done much of this in the past 5 years either.  It seems like I let work soak up all of my energy and I just didn’t want to do the things I really loved anymore.  I also really want to get back to scrapbooking.  That will eventually happen but I don’t think it will anytime soon.  Realistically I knew I wouldn’t be scrapbooking during baby J’s first year anyway so that is why I take advantage of every free photobook on Shutterfly that I come across.

I really think because I have so much more fun with my son than I ever did at work that my days fly by even faster.  From the time he wakes up, scheduling in two nap times, and then bed time, it leaves only a few hours scattered here and there in my day to run errands or do anything lengthy with baby J.  Once everything is planned around the naptimes some days I look at the clock and think, it’s already 4pm!  But of course, to be completely honest, there are those days where I get nothing done, we go nowhere, and my son is completely clingy all day long and I look up at the clock and I think, wow it is only 1230? lol  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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Some of the things I have learned in a week and a half


Baby J wants to be mobile so badly.  He really doesn’t have much interest in crawling.  He tries it every now and then but then just looks up at me and rolls over.  He would rather walk.  He can already cruise the furniture at a slow pace and he takes off when we hold his hands.  The other problem here, is that he can’t pull up yet.  So you can imagine the frustration my little guy has on a regular basis.  If he falls down he can’t pull himself back up and he doesn’t want to crawl so mommy is always on call!  So far I have been completely okay with him not being mobile yet but now that he wants to so badly I want it for him!  Finding something to help him walk without me having to bend over all day…almost check.

When your husband calls you around 7:30am after he left the house and asks you to check his pocket for something before you start laundry, you realize that maybe he wants you to do the laundry even though laundry wasn’t on your list of things to do for the day.  Laundry…check!

When your husband calls and asks what’s for supper don’t say “I don’t know”.  Menu on fridge..check!

Remember to mute phone ringers for naptime..check!

Buy some type of hat that my sweet boy can’t pull off for when we go on walks…any ideas anyone?

Here is part of our typical day when we go outside to play!


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Birth Story

I thought I would share how all this started!  Below is my birth story.  Read at your own risk. 😉

I went to see Dr. Singleton for my 41 week checkup.  I had an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay with baby J.  At this point I was just over 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  Dr. Singleton said the results from my ultrasound showed there was only 1.6 amniotic fluid left and there has to be a minimum of 5.  Most people have 5-25 to keep the baby healthy.  He told me I would have to induce that night.  I looked at him like he was joking and actually laughed.  I couldn’t believe it!  I had it all planned out to go naturally.  Yes, I was tired of being pregnant but this isn’t what I wanted.  I kept thinking, “No, not going to happen” and finally I just asked Dr. Singleton if there were any other options.  This made him think and he finally said that I didn’t have to induce until Friday morning as long as I was at the hospital and on the monitors all night.

I called Holly, our doula, and talked with her and we discussed using a foley.  In the end we decided to try pitocin Thursday night for a few hours and see how my body responded, and if needed we would use the foally overnight and actually start inducing with pitocin Friday morning.  I checked in at the hospital at 5pm and we started the pitocin at 6pm.  We increased it by 2 every 30-45 minutes and we got up to 10 on the pitocin.  Chase, Holly and Whitney (our student doula) were with me the whole time.   By 9pm we turned the pitocin off and I was 2 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  Holly said my body responded well to the pitocin and I wouldn’t need the foally.  I ate some cheese pizza and took an ambien to help me sleep and slept for several hours that night.  Dr. Singleton was a great doctor and let me decide how I wanted to do things as long as I started inducing by Friday morning. 

I woke up at 7am the next day and ate two snack bars before any nurses checked on us.  I had them take me off the monitors so I could walk around for a little bit and then we started inducing at 8:30.  At the time we started inducing I was 2.5 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  We increased the dosage a little at a time and by noon I was up to 8 on the pictocin and completely in labor at 4-5 cm dilated and 95% effaced.  We turned down the pitocin to 4 and I labored for a few more hours.  I labored in a variety of positions: on the birthing ball, on the bed facing backwards on my knees, walking around, etc.  Chase, Holly, and Whitney really helped me out by doing hip presses, pressing on my sacrum and continually getting me water which I drank a LOT throughout my whole labor. I had back labor off and on so I also had a heating pack on my lower back most of the time.  By about 3pm I was asking Holly and Chase for relief, any kind of relief.  I was 7 cm dilated and fully effaced.  We turned off the pitocin and Holly suggested I get into the tub.  I thought the tub would provide me a ton of relief and it probably did but to me the contractions just grew more and more intense.  It turns out I dilated from 7-9cm in less than a half hour in the tub.  I told everyone I needed relief.  I was tired and it was so intense.  They gave me 1 mg of morphine and this helped me to relax in between contractions. When my water broke there was definitely more amniotic fluid than the ultrasound had shown which I had figured since baby J was moving around so much! It felt like no time at all and I was at 10 cm and I was ready to push.  My body kept telling me to push.  I started to push but nothing was really happening.  The nurse checked me again and said something to Holly and Holly decided to check me herself.  I didn’t know this at the time because everyone felt it was best not to tell me, but I was dilated at 10cm when I was pushing but at a 7-8 cm when I wasn’t pushing.  I had a cervical lip that was getting in the way.  Holly says she has only seen something like this one other time.  The other problem we were having is Jacob kept moving his head around and around and wasn’t engaging in the birth canal.  Holly kept her hand inside of me to stabilize baby J’s head and help my cervical lip to decrease.  I started to swell inside after all of this time so they got a popsicle and put it into a glove and stuck it up near my cervix to decrease the swelling.  This worked great and by the end, Holly had baby J’s head positioned correctly and I was able to push!  This whole process took a couple of hours and I fought back and forth with Holly and everyone.  I didn’t fully grasp what was happening and all I knew is that I wanted to push. I wanted to push so badly and they kept telling me not to!!

When I was told I could push I sent a prayer up that I would be able to do this.  I was exhausted at having to stop my pushes.  Between God and baby J they decided to take it easy on me and I was able to rest 1-2 minutes between each rush of pushes.  Everyone was surprised at how long I was resting in between pushing but I was sending up prayers of thanks!  After 45 minutes baby J’s head was half way out and we had to wait for one more rest before I could do another set of 3 pushes and he came out super fast!   He was very healthy with a 9.5 apgar score.  Holly said he was more like a 9.9.  He was perfect and pink!  They put him on me immediately and started cleaning him off.  After about 20 minutes, just enough time for me to deliver the placenta and get stitched up, baby J started rooting and Holly helped me to try to nurse him.  He tried to latch on and sucked some but didn’t fully latch until about a day later.  After holding him for about an hour, we called for the nurse and she took his measurements and gave him his shots.  Chase helped give him his first bath and I watched them.  After baby J was all clean we had the nurse call our parents to come back to see their grandson, and while he was being passed around I asked for dinner.

Chase was amazing throughout the whole labor and delivery.  He was with me the whole time and the doulas kept calling Chase a dudela.  Holly and Whitney were also great and so was the nurse that I had. I definitely could not have done a natural birth without the whole team there.  They all contributed in some way.  Even when I was pushing, Chase and Holly helped hold up my legs and Whitney and the nurse were holding my hands while Dr. Simmons sat close by ready to catch baby J.  I had so much support and I felt so loved that when they told me to do something I just did it even if I didn’t really want to.

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